Time & Attendance

Simplify time management. Reduce labor costs.

Time & Attendance

Simplify employee time and schedule management with an automated time and attendance solution. You’ll also reduce your cost of labor, administration and compliance risk.

Reduce the cost of labor, overtime and employee time theft.

Cut hours of administration from the payroll process.

Increase employee productivity.

Reduce labor compliance risk.

Time and attendance system

Take control of your greatest expense

If employee labor is not your greatest expense, it’s likely not far from it. But often, labor is also one of the most poorly managed costs. Today, however, managing this expense can be simple and affordable. Inflated wages, overtime, time theft, human error, and tedious administration are just some of the ways a time and labor solution can immediately reduce your cost of workforce management.

Save time creating and editing schedules

Scheduling your employees doesn’t have to be a weekly guessing game. TimeSimplicity’s easy-to-use features will help you easily create, manage and share schedules with your employees within minutes. TimeSimplicity streamlines the entire scheduling process by saving you time, helping you effectively manage overtime and ensuring the shift coverage you need!

Employee Scheduling

Reduce overstaffing and overtime

Taking control of overstaffing and overtime can have a tremendous impact on your bottom. Advanced scheduling allows you to verify adequate shift coverage, detect overstaffing and ensures the right person is doing the right job every time.

Employee Trade Board

Enable employees to initiate shift trades online. Once approved, employees are notified immediately and can respond to any shift change requests.

Email & Text Collaboration

Fill and swap employee shifts in minutes through email and text alert notifications.

Reduce overtime and overstaffing

Quickly identifies overtime or gaps in coverage before it’s too late. Us the ``Best-fit`` wizard to fill shifts with the right employee.


You could be cutting overtime costs by $1000 per employee.

Mobile time clock app

Mobile Time & Labor App

Save even more time across the organization with a mobile timesheet app. Simplify how employees and supervisors manage time off requests, approve time cards and track hours. With GPS pinpoint verification, you can also be sure your employees are both on time and on site.


Employee Convenience

Improve employee accountability through convenient tools.

Mobile app - Supervisor & Employee

View time card and schedule

Easy Time-off Approvals

Multi-role time card approvals

Time off accruals

Manager Productivity

Reduce stress levels and administration for key staff and managers.

Integrated scheduling (optional)

GPS punch verification

ACA FTE reporting

Job cost reporting

Electronic time card approvals

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