10 Key Considerations When Outsourcing Your Payroll

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To Outsource or Not to Outsource


One of the core principles of success in any business is knowing when to delegate, or similarly, when to outsource. Knowing whom to outsource to is equally as important. The who, when and how can have tremendous impact on your company’s bottom line.


For you, like many employers or HR staff, the decision to outsource may be a question of alleviating time restraints. In other cases, it’s motivated by reducing complexity, achieving cost savings, minimizing risk, or maximizing the business’ ability to focus on creating value for customers.


When it comes to outsourcing payroll and other HR administration, most business owners face this question: outsource to the experts or continue managing in-house?


Ironically, many business owners hold the assumption that it is cheaper to manage in-house. Typically, however, the opposite is true.

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